UX Mobile App


  1. Create a travel itinerary app for millennials.

  2. Make it accessible for both personal and group travel. 


  • 91% Traveled in groups with people who did not live with them

  • 60% Used itineraries to plan their trip

  • 70% Used flexible itineraries that are subject to change

  • 72% Said that previous trips influenced current trips


Pain Points



​Pain Points
  • notifying everyone

  • being on the same page with those they travel

  • finding sound recommendations

  • knowing how to coordinate where you are in a new place, with what you have planned

  • doesn’t like keeping to strict schedule

  • have recommendations they can trust in the same place as their itinerary 

  • an easily editable itinerary on which multiple users can comment

  • social aspect

  • have a fun trip

  • be an efficient traveler

  • travel cheap

  • travel with friends & family all over the globe

>3:User Persona

  • Frustrations (Pain Points)

  • Goals (Desires)

  • Behaviors (Jobs)


Story Map






>4:app design

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