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Glory to God

About a year ago I was tasked with redesigning the program for my ward (LDS congregation) bulletins on a weekly basis, the major problem being that it is printed and then copied on a black and white copy machine. So, I decided to use some of my old designs and then create some more just using black and white gradient that will show well. As most photographs and images don't do well with just a B&W copy machine I pretty much stick to typography and/or quotes. I have done quite a few of them so I thought I'd post them online to share with anyone who wanted them. They are all 5x7 .jpgs and I just drag them into Microsoft Word and make sure to wrap text with the image 'behind text' so that it doesn't mess up any of your layout. I'm curious if anyone else out there has any input on these designs or on having similar luck with creating programs/bulletins for their ward. Please let me know if you find these useful or if you have any ideas for doing any more. I'm making these most weeks and when I don't I'm pulling images from and battling with making them compatible with the B&W copy machine. I hope you enjoy and get some use out of some of these.

Click HERE for a link to a Google Drive folder with this batch of program/bulletin covers where you can download one or all of the files.

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