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UX Design

The design of something with the end user in mind has always intrigued me. So much of design is (or should be) done with the end user in mind. With this in mind, in one of my Digital Media courses at UVU (DGM 3280 - Authoring for Digital Devices), where we documented the process of User Experience/Design or UX/UI Design on two different projects. The first project was creating a podcast from start to finish and the second was taking an audiobook file and repackaging or redesigning it, again with the end user experience as the point of all design and/or redesign. Below is a slideshow of the documentation of both of these products.

The audiobook I chose to redesign was Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline - read by Wil Wheaton. For the second assignment, I chose to create a podcast highlighting digitized songs from my vinyl collection of music and talking about both the songs and the quality of the vinyl records from which they were ripped as well as the digitization process I used.

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